A Subscription Box for Kids with Autism

Have you ever tried a subscription box service for yourself? They can be so much fun, because it’s the only way you can buy yourself a gift and still be surprised! Lately I have seen lots of kids subscription boxes popping up too, and they seem to be a big hit! There are boxes for children who love to read, cook, make craft, and do engineering projects. But I’ve got better news: now, there is even a subscription box for kids with autism! 

This autism subscription box for kids was the best gift for my son! It has sensory toys, a visual schedule, an autism awareness auto decal, and a travel sensory kit! This is the best thing you could get your autistic child! Mine is loving it!
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What’s in the subscription box for kids with autism?

Spectrum Surprise subscription boxes are designed specifically for autistic children, and they make the perfect gift! Each box includes 5-6 sensory toys/autism tools, an autism awareness item, a visual aid, and a travel sensory kit. 

The items are selected with your child’s sensory needs in mind. There are visually stimulating items, fidget toys, scented objects, noise makers, and of course plenty of tactile fun! These sensory toys help increase your child’s ability to focus, calm them during meltdowns, keep them occupied during waiting periods, and fulfill their desire for sensory input. 

Benefits of sensory play for autism

The benefits of sensory play are endless! Sensory play can improve communication, develop motor skills, aid in self regulation, decrease harmful stimming behaviors (although most stimming behaviors are not harmful), increase cognitive function, develop imagination, and encourage social interaction, just to name a few! 

Autistic children typically struggle with some or all of these developmental areas, and sensory play can make a world of difference. Finding the right sensory toys and mediums can be a struggle, because each child has different preferences and aversions. That’s one of the benefits of a subscription box for kids with autism spectrum disorders. You get a variety of sensory items each month, and this helps your kiddo decide what kinds of textures and sensory input they prefer. 

Calm down bin items
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Benefits of visual aids for autism

This subscription box not only provides you with great sensory toys, but it also includes a visual aid each month. Visual aids like social stories, visual schedules, behavior charts, and PECS cards help increase communication and executive functioning skills. These skills are essential for your child’s future success and happiness. 

Most children on the autism spectrum are visual and/or hands-on learners. They learn by seeing or doing, not by hearing. Seeing the steps of a process helps your child remember the order of events, learn problem solving skills, and figure out what to do next (part of executive functioning). 

Non-verbal kids benefit from visual aids for obvious reasons; namely, they can point to a picture. My younger son used visual choice boards throughout the day when he was non-verbal. He could show me what he wanted for dinner, which activity he desired to do next, and what reward he chose for completing tasks. It made life so much better because he could communicate even when he didn’t know how to speak.

Visual aids are life-changers! That’s why I felt it was so important to include one in each Spectrum Surprise subscription box. 

Why get a subscription box for kids with autism? 

Some of you may be wondering what the benefits are. Why bother with a subscription box, instead of just purchasing individual items? Good question!

Value of a subscription box for kids

Sure, you could purchase many of these items online or at a store. But some of them can only be bought in bulk. Who wants to buy a case of an item that you’re not sure your child will like? Yep, not me! Also, the retail value of the box is always higher than the price you pay for it. 

Subscription box for autism
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Convenience of a subscription box for kids

Another great benefit of subscription boxes is the convenience factor. As a fellow autism mom, I loathe shopping! My boys do not do well in stores, or in the car on the way to the store, for that matter! And many times, the store doesn’t have the particular item I was looking for in the first place…which means another stop. Sigh. 

And while I know you can find a decent variety of sensory toys at a few large chain stores, they certainly don’t have the variety of specialty sensory shops. Not to mention the sparsity of physical locations! And who has the time to find these places and travel to them? 

When you get a subscription box, you don’t have to worry about these things. The items are delivered right to your door (or mailbox, depending on your postman). Convenience is always a consideration!

What to buy?

With so many items out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. I have bought liquid-filled sensory balls that exploded with one gentle squeeze. The slimy purple liquid got practically EVERYWHERE, and was a disaster to clean up because it was so slippery! 

You don’t have to worry about those unwelcome experiences when you get this subscription box. I take the time to read the reviews, get samples, and make sure these items are good quality and actually useful for therapy. 

Exclusive items & supporting autism moms

While most of the items can be purchased one way or another, some of these items are handmade or personally designed, and cannot be purchased except through this subscription box. 

The travel sensory kits are handcrafted each month, and are not sold separately. These are great for restaurants, car rides, church, doctor’s offices, and independent play periods. Each kit is designed for taking on the go, and includes a sensory medium with manipulatives. 

Some items are handmade by me or by other local autism moms. This is a great way to help support other autism moms, which is a bonus! 

benefits of sensory play
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How it works

It’s easy! You can choose to sign up for 1, 3 or 6 months. Try a box one month and decide if it’s a perfect fit for your child, if you’re unsure. But if you know your kiddo will love the items you see here, and ones like these, go ahead and sign up for 6 months – you practically get your 6th box for free!

Order a subscription box for kids with autism

So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and order your box now! Hop on over to the Spectrum Surprise tab, or click HERE to see the sales page. Feel free to drop a comment letting everyone know how much you love it! 

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