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Hey! I’m Tiff, a fellow autism mom.

I laugh, cry, feel, think, make mistakes, drink coffee, and love little people with autism. I know how hard you strive every day to make you children’s lives the very best. And I also know how hard it is to receive the news that your child has autism. My passion is to help other moms struggling with the daily questions and needs for their kiddos on the spectrum. This blog was created to make your life a bit easier, by answering questions and providing resources in one place. Spectrum Sense For Moms with help you make sense of your child’s diagnosis, and ease you into the transitions that are to come. If none of your mom friends get it, know that I do!

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An autism diagnosis isn’t the end of the world – it’s the beginning a new one.

-Tiff Weilbacher


15 Sleep Tips for Kids with Autism

15 Sleep Tips for Kids with Autism Did you ever think that if you could just get through the newborn phase, you would be able to enjoy long, deep sleep again? Like, all night long? Yeah, me too. I was told that the constant waking was just a phase. But when it hadn't...

4 Lesser Known Warning Signs of Autism

4 Lesser Known Warning Signs of AutismI may have never realized my older son had autism if his little brother's warning signs weren't so obvious. During my intensive research for my younger son, I began seeing some of his older brother's behaviors listed as symptoms...

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