Do you want to gain a solid understanding of autism without reading a stack of books?

What others are saying about Spectrum Sense…

When my daughter was first diagnosed with autism, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. Spectrum Sense helped me to know how best to start helping my daughter without completely overwhelming my already overwhelmed brain. I’m so grateful for the knowledge Tiff imparts, along with the printables, especially calming strategies. The knowledge and strategies were practical and effective for helping me to provide a good foundation for helping my daughter. 

Jody McKinley

This eBook was exactly what I needed to really get a grasp on what my grandchildren face each day. It easily answered my biggest question: “Exactly WHAT is autism?” Knowing about their sensory issues, and how they view the world differently has helped me think of better ways to connect with them. It also brought light to many problems that my now adult children had when they were young. What an eye opener!

Shelley Atwell-Vasko

Spectrum Sense is a great resource for anyone new to the autism community. It’s power-packed with simple information, practical advice, helpful suggestions, and most importantly the encouragement and hope that so many of us need when first starting this journey. Nicole Stoen

Get the answers to your most important questions:


What is autism?

How do I know if my child is on the spectrum?

What testing will they do?

What should I do when my child has a meltdown?

What is causing their meltdowns?

How do I tell others about my child’s diagnosis?

What kind of therapy is available?

Is my child going to be okay?

What can I do to help my child on my own?

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Hey! I’m Tiff, a fellow autism mom.

I laugh, cry, feel, think, make mistakes, drink coffee, and love little people on the autism spectrum. I know how hard you strive every day to make you children’s lives the very best. And I also know how hard it is to receive the news that your child is autistic. My passion is to help other moms struggling with the daily questions and needs for their kiddos on the spectrum. This blog was created to make your life a bit easier, by answering questions and providing resources in one place. Spectrum Sense For Moms with help you make sense of your child’s diagnosis, and ease you into the transitions that are to come. If none of your mom friends get it, know that I do!

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